Truckers Hitch

The trucker’s hitch knot was invented by truck drivers in the 1940s. The knot was designed to securely fasten loads to the back of their trucks, and was known for its ability to tighten under load. The knot quickly gained popularity among truckers and is still widely used today for securing loads on trucks, trailers and other vehicles.


  1. Start by making a loop (the working end) in the rope that you want to tie the hitch around.
  2. Take the standing end of the rope and pass it over the object you want to tie the rope to.
  3. Bring the standing end under the working end and then over the object again.
  4. Bring the standing end back under the working end and through the loop you created in step 1.
  5. Pull the standing end tight, this will secure the rope to the object.
  6. To adjust the tension, pull on the working end of the rope. To release the tension, pull on the standing end.

Note: Trucker’s hitch is a powerful and easy to tie binding knot that is commonly used to secure loads on trucks and trailers, hence the name. It can be used to tie down a load and tension it to keep it secure during transportation.